Where We're Headed

Cancer care at Sinai Health focuses on the individuals we treat, their families and caregivers by providing a personalized approach.  Our cancer teams are at the forefront in cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and after-cancer support.  At Sinai Health’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, cancer research accounts for nearly half of all our investigators’ work.

As a national leader in cancer care, we have particular expertise in:

We are currently planning and building dramatically reconceived cancer treatment facilities, including an outpatient centre and chemo clinic, in-patient units, and surgical and ICU facilities with special cancer supports.

All these spaces have been purpose-designed to place patients and their loved ones at the centre of their care, bringing experts and specialists to them, rather than the other way around.

Just some of the new features of these spaces include:

An integrated pre and post operative prep and recovery unit that minimizes the need to move patients from space to space.
An integrated outpatient cancer centre that brings patients’ specialists and teams to them all at one time, rather than having patients visit multiple spaces in the hospital on different days. 
The centre will also include a dedicated robotics-enabled chemotherapy pharmacy.
An ICU with intensivists who focus especially on cancer patients. (Mount Sinai Hospital is also home to Princess Margaret Hospital’s critical care patients, as PMH doesn’t house an ICU of its own.)

Cancer has touched all our lives,
help us build the future of cancer
care at Sinai Health