To Our Community

Thank you for helping transform the future of care by supporting Renew Sinai, the largest redevelopment project in Mount Sinai Hospital’s history.  As we approach the hospital's 100th anniversary, Renew Sinai is a key enabler to our world-class care by revitalizing our most important spaces.

Explore this site, take pride in what we have accomplished together, and learn more about
the journey ahead.

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Main Tour

Our new, state-of-the-art operating rooms that have completely transformed the patient experience at Mount Sinai Hospital. Take a tour here! You'll see enhancements such as all services grouped on one floor - nearly 65,000 square feet of space - integrated audio-visual systems, and a family waiting lounge with amenities.

Robotics SuitE

Look inside our Robotics Suite and check out our daVinci Xi surgical robot or “Leo” as we like to call him! Leo will enable minimally invasive procedures for patients living with complex conditions, decreasing patient length of stay and improving patient recovery time.

Guided Therapeutics Suite

This suite features specialized software for viewing and manipulating images. Guided Therapeutics – or GTX – is like a Google Map for surgery. This surgical system is one of only a few in Ontario that provide patients with a more comfortable experience, quicker recoveries and better outcomes, thanks to the in-room imaging and 3D CT.

Photo Gallery

Renew Sinai has led to the creation of many modern and safe spaces within Mount Sinai Hospital, all designed to enhance the patient experience. Explore some of our spaces below with images from our new operating rooms and the newly-opened west wing of the Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Centre.